AAP-Caltex Discount Card: Save One or Two Pesos per liter with the AAP- Caltex discount card promo

Fluctuating fuel prices afflict motorists every week. Aiming to lighten the expenses of motorists especially during the Christmas holidays, the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) and Chevron Philippines launched last September 15 the AAP-Caltex SavePlus Discount Card Promo.

“We are very glad to partner with Caltex to give our members another major membership benefit,” AAP Membership manager Necy Zornosa said.

The discount card is exclusively for AAP members in good standing (membership not expired.) AAP members can save P2.00 per liter of Caltex Silver or Platinum Techron gasoline and P1.00 per liter of Caltex Techron D diesel.

The discount is valid for a maximum of 60 liters per day and/or a maximum of two (2) transactions per day, whichever comes first. It is valid for cash or credit card transactions only.

AAP members can utilize the discount card at all card-accepting Caltex stations except for Caltex service stations located at Landers Superstores and stations in Mindanao. It also cannot be used with other discounting schemes offered by Caltex stations.

The AAP-Caltex SavePlus Discount Card is valid for one year from the day of enrollment of a new AAP member or from the date of the card holder’s renewal of AAP membership.

“The AAP-Caltex SavePlus Discount Card is different from the AAP membership card,” Zornosa said. “Please make sure you present the AAP-Caltex SavePlus Discount Card which has a magnetic strip and a Caltex logo at the back to avail of the discount.”

AAP members can purchase the discount card for only P100 at AAP branches in Quezon City, Makati, Alabang, San Fernando, Pampanga, Lipa, Batangas and Cebu. A “no card, no discount” policy is strictly implemented.

Zornosa stressed that AAP has a limited number of the discount cards. “We encourage AAP members to take advantage of this benefit while supplies last. Availing of the AAP-Caltex SavePlus Discount Card will surely help save money. The P1-P2 per liter of fuel per day that members get to save for a whole year will definitely go a long way.”

For inquiries, those interested can call 705 3333. See posters and flyers or visit www.aap.org.ph and the AAP Facebook page for terms and conditions.

AAP membership offers a number of advantages such as 24/7 emergency roadside service, free personal accident insurance, free glass etching, 24/7 ambulance service, FIA Clubs international reciprocity, partner establishment discounts, 24/7 road safety call center and travel assistance.

Other AAP membership benefits include discounted rates for the Philippine international driving permit, comprehensive motor car insurance and other non-life insurance coverage, AAP Autocare Service Center, the membership service vehicle program and the option to apply for a motor sport competition license.