AAP Joins FIA Region II Workshop on the International Driving Permit


At left is a sample of the current format of the international driving permit (IDP) that is being issued by the Automobile Association Philippines. Beside it is a sample of the proposed passport-type enhanced international driving license (IDL).

A singular international driving permit (IDP) format and unified standards were highlighted at this year’s Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Region II International Documents Workshop which the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) attended in Singapore on June 22-23.

Around 30 representatives from the different FIA Region II automobile associations (AA’s) convened to talk about current IDP issues and the proposed enhanced international driving license (IDL). AAP Membership Services executive assistant Melvin Pingal represented the Philippines’ AA at the workshop.

“FIA is pushing to harmonize the format of the IDPs to eliminate the discrepancies between the 1949 and 1968 road traffic convention IDP standards,” Pingal said.

The FIA has already brought up the proposal to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It includes the re-branding of the IDP to IDL.



This is a sample of the enhanced IDL that the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab of Emirates will roll out to its members in September, bearing the coded hologram as an added safety feature.

Enhanced IDL Features Added Security

According to Pingal’s report, FIA Tourism Head Maria-Luz Martinez presented the new features of the enhanced IDL. It will include United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization 2008 3rd edition machine readable travel documents, sewn secure, plastic overlay, luminescent logos under ultraviolet light, chemical-reactive paper to prevent manipulation and a coded hologram.

“The coded hologram is located on the first page of the license as an added security feature so that automobile associations, traffic authorities, police or car rental companies can now distinguish genuine IDLs from fake IDLs just by scanning the coded hologram,” said Sean O’Connor, Director of Strategy for the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates (ATC UAE).

Furthermore, personal details of the license holder are printed with solvent sensitive ink while the license number will be applied with a foil and then sealed with a film patch.

As part of the UAE Pilot Project, the ATC UAE will roll out the enhanced IDL to its members in September. The project will run for a year before it is rolled out to other AA’s on a voluntary basis.


AAP’s IDP Processing Fastest among FIA Region II Clubs

Current IDP issues were also discussed during the two-day program, including how clubs process their IDPs and the processing time.  What takes other clubs three to five days to process only takes the AAP about an hour. Along with AA Singapore, AAP has the fastest IDP processing time among the clubs in the region.

“AA New Zealand and AA Australia specifically took notice on how we do not laminate the whole document and that we only put the film patch on top of the details of the IDP holder which saves us a lot of time,” Pingal said.

Other AA’s reported on lengthy processing time because the IDP is handwritten and the applicant’s photo is manually glued.

Additionally, the FIA Region II Reciprocity Booklet was presented. It is currently being updated with the reciprocity conditions of the new AA’s. The complete version of the booklet will be out by the end of the year.