AAP Member Offers Traffic Solutions

Like many long-time members of the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), Dr. Luis Dizon, Sr. loves driving and has quite a number of vehicles in his garage. And much like many car enthusiasts, he’d rather have his vehicles safe in his garage than be stuck in traffic in the mean streets of Metro Manila.

“I used to drive all the time. I loved driving here and abroad,” Dizon reminisced. “Now, Manila’s traffic is so bad that driving is just exhausting.”

A member of the National Auto Club for more than 20 years, Dr. Dizon called up the AAP to offer his thoughts and ideas on traffic solutions and road safety.

First on his list was the stricter implementation of motor vehicle inspection, including emission testing, which according to him should be done annually.

“The government should think about creating or locating these inspection offices/centers at more accessible and more convenient places,” he said.

“Can the government implement ‘tax free’ for motor vehicle spare parts?” Dizon continued, explaining that “It would be easier for vehicle owners or operators to replace worn-out parts that could endanger the lives of their drivers and other road users.”

Dizon also noted the conspicuousness of vehicles especially public utility jeepneys which often pop out of very narrow alleys to cut in front of motorists.

In addition to his ideas on road safety, Dr. Dizon suggests that the government should establish one hotline number to call in case of a road crash and road emergencies.

When it comes to the private sector contributing to the traffic congestion solutions, the doctor proceeded to propose encouraging owners of vacant lots to allow the property to be used as parking lots, even as pay parking, to lessen the illegal parking of vehicles.

He also mentioned that establishments should consider having home delivery options so that customers won’t have a hard time to look for parking and then just end up illegally parking.

Lastly, Dr. Dizon asks that AAP members become vigilant and report traffic violators.

Like Dr. Dizon, AAP encourages its club members to become role models in following motoring rules and regulations as indicated in the Republic Act 4136 otherwise known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code of the Philippines.

AAP has been actively involved in transportation issues and has been tapped by the government to help draft the implementing rules and regulations of various motoring-related laws, namely the Speed Limiters Act (RA 10916), the new Anti-Carnapping Law (10883) and the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (10913).

If you are an AAP member and would like to share your thoughts and concerns on road safety, traffic, motor sport or green mobility, email us at info@aap.org.ph. You can also call us at 705 3333 loc 207 or message us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts @aaphilippines . Your traffic solution ideas could be published in AQ magazine or the AAP supplement in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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Dr. Dizon talked about wearing clothes with bright colors or busy prints to be visible to motorists.