AAP to Award the Best Race Car Drivers of 2017 in April

On April 5, 2018, the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) will celebrate local motor sport achievement by honoring the drivers who dominated last year’s races and rallies.

The 23rd Motor Sport Awards Night will coincide once again with the 2018 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

All year-round, AAP has been continuously organizing and officiating motor sport events as it is the only motoring club authorized by the FIA to regulate and sanction all local four-wheel motor sport events.

Based in Paris, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) governs all four-wheel motor sport activities worldwide including Formula One, the World Rally Championship and 24 Hours at Le Mans.

AAP will be awarding the winners of the Philippine Touring Car Championship Series (PTCC), National Karting Series, Asian Karting Open Championship (AKOC), GT Series and Vios Cup.

Aside from sanctioning motor sport activities,  AAP conducts the Motor Sport Development Program (MSDP), a grassroots program funded by the FIA that has attracted more than 500 young participants in Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Metro Manila over the last three years.

Additionally, AAP promotes safety in motor sport by revoking the competition licenses of those who compete in illegal races and by issuing public statements discouraging the organization of and participation in such events.

"Since one of AAP's missions is to promote a sound environment for motorists and the general public as well, as much as possible, we want every motor sport activity held in the country to be safe," AAP Motor Sport Chairman Mandy Eduque says.

Eduque, a Golden Wheel Award Hall of Fame awardee, urged fellow racers, awardees and competitors alike to “share the responsibility in making sure that safety on the road is as strict as safety on the track.”