MSDP in Provinces: AAP MSDP Expands to Tagum, Davao, Gains Three New Partners

More young drivers are joining the AAP Motor Sport Development Program (MSDP) as it continues to expand its reach to various key cities in the country, which now includes Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

The round of MSDP lectures for this year started with Cebu City where the race skills lecture was conducted as early as April.

In May, MSDP lead instructor Vip Isada and his formidable team of topnotch local motor sport experts conducted Module 1 to about 50 eager young participants in Tagum City, Davao for the first time.

In the same month, MSDP was in Cagayan de Oro City to complete the Module 2 lecture to participants who participated in the MSDP Module 1: Race Skills in 2016.

It was followed in July with Module 1 lectures in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro while in September the same lecture was conducted in Bacolod.

 “We’re very happy see that we’re attracting more young people get into motor sport the right way. We’re getting good feedback about the program and we’re hoping to expand more to other cities in the county,” said AAP motor sport department operations manager and MSDP program head Mark Desales.

Meanwhile, MSDP Gymkhana also attracted a lot of participants in the provinces after a successful launch in March.

“The MSDP Class Champions from the five main cities were invited to compete at the first-ever Gymkhana finals. Over 20 of them will be competing for the title on November 5,” Desales said.


New MSDP Partners

As the number of MSPD students increases and the provinces it reaches expands, so do the partners who believe in the program.

Last September 9, the MSDP had a meet and greet with its newest partners—Bendix Brakes, BlueChem and NWB Wipers.

During 7th Leg of the FlatOut Race Series (FORS) at the Batangas Racing Circuit, Bendix Brakes Director for Sales and Marketing Tim Chua and Bendix Brakes representative Arby Andaya came to support the MSPD finalists who were training for the upcoming Philippine Endurance Challenge.

Bendix Brakes is the best known OE alternative brand in brake systems. It is the only brand that offers different types to match different vehicles applications. Its product range includes pads, shoes, rotors, cleaners, and lubricants.

BlueChem offers a line of TUV certified additives designed to optimize the performance of vehicles through simple periodic applications.

NWB Wipers is the most widely used OEM wiper brand of most Japanese vehicles. Founded in 1965, NWB has long been recognized all over the world for its craftsmanship and quality.

The MSDP’s major partners are Mazda Philippines and Seaoil. Other partners include Dynamics Suspension, Autoperformance PH, Aeromed Ambulance Transport, Walter Light and Sounds, Time Attack Manila, Rota Wheels, Hazardboy Performance, TS Tuning, FORS, Race Motorsports Club, SpeedLab, HotPipes, K&N Performance, Dynapack and GR Tuning.