Road Safety Lecture: Starting them Young: Batangas Elementary School Students Learn About Traffic Discipline

Disiplina! Disiplina! Disiplina!” chanted elementary school students as they imitated Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership  (PGRSP) Secretary General Alberto Suansing during a road safety program that the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) conducted on September 21, 2017.

Chevron Philippines Inc. partnered with AAP to bring road safety education to over 30 students from grades 3 to 6 of San Pascual Central School in Batangas. AAP assisted Chevron employees in conducting the lecture and the fun activities for the students as part of Chevron’s Volunteer Week.

School Principal Bernarda Reyes expressed her delight, saying: “The safety of our students is something that we really value and we are grateful that Chevron and AAP have visited us today to teach us important lessons on road safety.”

The program proceeded with students wiggling and jumping to the tune of the “Safe Cross Code” dance that AAP and Chevron employees taught them. The short, lively routine was a reminder for the kids to “STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN” before crossing the street.

Energized, the kids then listened to Suansing who taught them all about road signs, especially those that they see near their school such as the school zone sign, stop sign and pedestrian crossing.

“Small children like you may not always be visible to drivers of huge vehicles such as trucks,” Suansing said. “This is why you should avoid wearing anything dark or else you should wear something bright on your clothes. You can also wave your hand to signify to oncoming drivers that you are crossing the street. Most of all, have the discipline to walk at the appropriate pedestrian crossing and don’t play around.”

After the short lecture, the students enjoyed a fun Road Safety Olympics facilitated by AAP and Chevron. On the first station, they were asked whether a particular road safety tip was true or false. On the second station, they were asked to identify the road signs and signals that were discussed earlier in the lecture. On the last station, the students were asked what the appropriate response was for a given a situation on the street.

In closing, Chevron Manager for Policy, Government and Public Affairs Raisa Bautista said: “Chevron is truly happy to share very important lessons on road safety with the students of San Pascual Central School and we are thankful to AAP for assisting us in this advocacy.”