Other Membership Benefits and Services



FREE Personal Accident Insurance


All AAP members are insured under the AAP Accident Protection Plan. Free personal accident insurance worth P300,000 for Regular Membership and P200,000 for Associate Members.


The AAP Accident Protection Plan provides 24/7 protection to the insured person for a period of one year from the effective date of membership of the insured. (Except for Unprovoked Murder & Assault and Sabotage & Terrorism in the following areas: Lanao del Norte and del Sur, North and South Cotabato, Zamboanga del Norte and del Sur, Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, Sulu Archipelago, Basilan and in nations under a state of war.

Coverage may be extended to immediate family members at very special discounted rates. Our insurance department has also a variety of special offerings for OFW members.


For more information, call 705-3333 loc. 218 and 219.


FREE Glass Etching*

Glass etching is a deterrent against car theft. The car’s windshield or side mirrors are inscribed with identifying marks such as the vehicle's plate number.


Regular and Associate Individual Members enjoy two (2) free glass etchings while a minimal fee will be charged for more. You can bring your AAP-registered cars to the AAP Motorpool at 682 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City during office hours for glass etching.

24/7 Ambulance Service* (outsourced)

In case of medical emergencies, members (only) may avail of AAP’s discounted rate on ambulance services within Metro Manila through Aeromed. Their ambulances are manned by fully trained and licensed paramedics. Doctors and nurses are provided when necessary. (call the AAP Hotline 723 0808 or Aeromed at 911 1121).

FIA Clubs International Reciprocity

AAP is the only Philippine auto club affiliated with the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). This affiliation gives its members international reciprocity for various services with automobile associations in other countries similarly affiliated with the FIA.


These FIA affiliated clubs provide a broad range of services to members visiting for a time frame of three months, the most common of which are towing, touring assistance, traffic advisories, road information, car check-up and technical advice.


Some clubs provide tourist guides or rest houses during the AAP members’ stay. In others, one can get invited to camp sites and other tourism activities.


The AAP membership card also carries the Show Your Card & Save logo of the American Automobile Association (AAA) offering savings from partner establishments in the United States and Canada.


Click here to DOWNLOAD the International Reciprocity Agreement among FIA clubs
Partner Establishments Discount
AAP partner establishments offer discounts on their products and services including merchandise, repair, accommodations, food, tires, batteries and accessories. These amazing discounts are listed here.
24/7 Road Safety Call Center
AAP is very active and vocal in pursuing motoring related issues and concerns especially on road safety, traffic policies and the environment. As a club member, you are making your voice heard and your views counted.
AAP spearheads and participates in the development and promotion of road safety campaigns and programs aimed at improving public awareness, education and discipline among motorists and other road users.
The Road Safety Call Center receives daily updates and reports on hazardous road conditions and traffic situations from concerned citizens through calls, text messages and email. These reports are relayed to the appropriate government agencies for quick and proper resolution.
Tel: 705 3333 loc. 207
Mobile:  0917 504 2288
Email: rsaap2012@yahoo.com

Travel Assistance
AAP, through its subsidiary AAP Travel offers free travel assistance to AAP members. These include consultations on top destinations here and abroad, a selection of affordable travel insurance, travel maps and directories for destinations inside the country.

For more information visit www. aaptravel.com

Competition License for Motor Sports*
 As the only Philippine affiliate of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the Paris-based organization that governs four-wheel motor sports worldwide, the AAP has been deputized to issue racing licenses, and to sanction motor sport events in the country.
For the schedule of motor sports events,click here, email info@aap.org.ph or call the AAP Main Office at 705 3333 loc.208
Requirements for a competition license:
1.    Medical examination
2.    ECG (new applicant)
3.    Two (2) pieces 2x2 and 1x1 colored pictures
4.    For circuit, certification from AAP Accredited Racing School
-          Tuason Racing School
-          EDGEN DY-LIACCO
6.    For karting, certification from Philippine International Karting Association (PIKA)
Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance and Other Non-Life Insurance Coverage

AAP offers Compulsary Third Party Liability (CTPL) Insurance at the cheapest rates available in town. Also, apart from its Personal Accident Protection Plan, AAP provides comprehensive insurance coverage to AAP members who own vehicles ten years old and above, including vintage cars. Under this program which is exclusively for AAP members, are two major divisions of auto insurance coverage. The first one is physical or material damage coverage which protects the insured from loss or damage to the car itself. The second one is casualty coverage referring to liability and personal accident coverage afforded under the motor car policy.


AAP also offers specialized insurance packages for migrant workers and OFWS which covers disablement, natural and accidental death, repatriation and bereavement assistance.


AAP Autocare Service Center

AAP runs an all inclusive service center (except body works) at 682 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City with special members’ discounts for services and parts.



Member Service Vehicle Program*
For out of town temporary service needs, AAP members can avail of AAP service vehicles for a minimum rental fee.


    • Valid AAP or FIA accredited membership card

    • Additional ID with picture or passport in case of non-resident or affiliate membership

   • Valid Driver’s License or for foreigners International Driving Permit, or an English translation of the driver’s license provided by their embassy.

For more information, call 723-0808



AAP Tower, 683 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City 1112
Tel.: 705-3333